i-Look, a revolutionary new banner stand design which      incorporates a patented graphic mounting system, allowing quick,       easy graphic changes. With its easy change capability, i-Look is       perfect for situations where you may need to display various       graphics for different events, so just one i-Look banner stand, along   with multiple graphic banners, can give you a targeted message for
any audience.
(*the best recommend from the client in Canada)


        1. light-weighted, easy and quick setup just 1 min., high quality
          hardware & eco-chic aluminum profile design &  comfortable
         surface touch. No 2 feet to stumble and move clumsily the stand.

    2. Attractive and unique based case design- chic car shape

    3. Case open design, rework the spring system without tools.

      4.  New clip designs top and bottom, make fixing banner no more
           tapes works (the most idealist design for banner installing like
           no one else.)
      5. Perfect banner look,, concealing the base case, make banner
          roll up from the very bottom of the stand.

    6. A 3-section Aluminum retractable telescopic, roll up freely to
           the desired height.

    7. Carry bag (made of PET bottle recycled) with wheel kit, giving
          one more option to carry 

       8. Multi-stand connected display

       9. Meets RoHS qualified. All materials are recycled.

* Too many rollups to make a decision?
   Why not i-look, the most outstanding one with unique and
   many user-friendly designs, we manufactured only.

  • Design Patent 2006 US
  • ilook Trademark 2006 US
  • Design Patent 2001、2003 Taiwan
  • i-look Trademark 2001、2003 Taiwan
  • Utility Mode Patent 2001 Taiwan
  • Design Patent 2001、2004 China